Are Diego Loyzaga and Sofia Andres already a couple?

By Cheska Espina for Star Cinema

Is that a birthday-slash-monthsary greeting for Sofia, Diego? Diego Loyzaga and Sofia Andres are always mistaken as a couple because of their Instagram posts that come with sweet captions of and for each other.

Diego's Snapchat post last night, August 23, is another addition to the growing number of their uber-sweet photos together, further fueling speculations about their real score.

The Kapamilya actor shared a photo of him with Sofia that came with an intriguing text.

So what's the meaning behind "Happy 23 to us?" Is it their monthsary or just a friendsary? Let's just wait for their confirmation. :)

Moreover, this viral video of Sofia and her best friend Elisse Joson can be proof to the former's blooming love life.

In the video, Elisse was asked to give a birthday message to Sofia. Her response was very juicy. 

Sofia celebrates her 18th birthday today, August 24.

Happy Birthday, Sofia! Can't wait to see who your escort will be :">