#BahayParola Charity

Last Thursday, 08th December, was the charity event that was catered by my Mom's employer Qantas Airlines. We volunteered to help out since we have met the kids from #BahayParola before so we went to Sky Ranch and met up with the kids.

We went on rides with them and made sure they had a great time. We all ate at KFC. Thank you, KFC for sponsoring food for the kids. After a whole afternoon of playing around in Sky Ranch we then went back to Cavite where their orphanage is located to give them their Christmas presents.

A big help from Tita Karla Estrada, Piolo Pascual, Tita Oselle Punla, Doc Haoie, Tito Keren Pascual & Ms. Char of Coca-Cola, Ate Tain of Vans, Kuya Cliff of CDO, KFC, Oishi, HMR & others I forgot to mention for helping out and making it all possible. One of the head care takers of Bahay Parola said "usually around Christmas time we're lucky if we get a sack of rice or two sacks of rice. But this year because of Qantas Cabin Crew Team (QCCT), you've made this Christmas very special to the children."

See the rest of the photos HERE.

I was happy I was part of the Charity event. I even made friends with more than a couple of kids. I promised them I'd come back to check up on them and that I really will do. Around February, may naka-schedule na, na feeding program nila. We're gonna go back there and cook for the kids. I don't know. Let's see what else can we do to make them smile again by then. 


It definitely felt good to give, for a change, instead of receiving especially around this time of the year - Christmas time. It felt good to do something like that simply just for the love.


Love always,

Diego Loyzaga